The Art and the Truth

Demetrios Hatzikos
THE ART AND THE TRUTH “And what else deserves to love despite enigma” de Chirico wonders. In its deeper substance, art has been always an enigma, a paradox, even when it seemed simple or unambiguous too as a content and form. My painting is nothing but the composition of my personal notes in relation with a phenomenon, which is truth and simultaneously falsehood, reflection of reality, but its refutation too. Kant, Engels, but recently Umberto Eco, have set the problem of how much art is the place or mean of truth. Adorno in his Aesthetic Theory recurs to the same matter, ransacking the relation of art and truth through the data, complexity of social space, but pessimist enough at his conclusions. When Pontius Pilate asked Jesus "What is truth?" he did not answer. However, even the existence of truth cannot be proved with an unquestionable way, art can set up its convincing image. The deeper substance of real art is a game among the ideas and their material realization, between feelings and their sensory projections. It is about a mental contest and it demands a durable familiarity with its terms, which are transcendent, beyond of the measure and logic. Demetrios Hatzikos