About me

Hatzikos Demetrios

I was born in January of 1967. In a decade, that Greece had decided to be reborn and to make steps forwards. At the political scene the situation was full of restiveness, but in arts miracles happened. I come from a rural family.

My parents are Aristoteles and Agathi Chatzikou.At the second class of Elementary School, in 1973, it is my first time that I find out, that I am fascinated about painting, colors, drawing. As I remember, my first work is the Dormition of the Theotokos, a religious theme and preeminently dramatic one, with a Byzantine style. And it is impressive that these topics would enchant me - perhaps even more - after forty years.

In 1985 I enter University. I study Economics at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. With direction at the third and fourth year the General Economic Theory and Policy and Rural Economy for one year at the University of Patra. And though painting is always in my life, in summers I try to learn the good art of farmer. With exceptional teacher mister Aristotle, my father. Another fascinating occupation in my life. What an important grandeur is to plow, sow, water and see a golden gram of corn to revive, sprout, develop small leaves and to become huge. To cultivate rice into the water of Axios river and in autumn to harvest the gold of the earth. Here are the miracles of nature that is to say of God.

Immediately after my studies, in 1992, I serve my military service at the War Air Force. It is the time-interval that I am experienced at the political scene. I have been Alderman at the Municipality of Chalastra already since 1990. With a panhellenic record, as I had been the youngest alderman of Greece, who had the majority of votes. At the age of 25, the mayor proposes me that I undertake as a vice-mayor. I refuse. "When shall I earn for living?" I wonder. In 1994 I created (and I delivered to my fellow-citizens) the Public Library. After a while, I am acquainted with the President of the Republic of Cyprus Georgios Vasiliou.

He speaks about the European perspective of Cyprus and I speak about my political ambitions. "If you want to save yourself Go away from politics". The minister Georgios Tzitzikostas, who listens to us, stays speechless.

Those days, the reformer of Greece Constantinos Caramanlis declares "that we are a vast madhouse". And me, with the character I have - I run away- and I was saved. Moreover, because of my occupation with the common affairs, I had betrayed my great love for painting. And I had to come back.

I always liked the science of Economics, but I had never fallen in love with it. It was an exceptional and useful option, but the cultivation of ground was giving me other possibilities. My contact with nature and the freedom, which I felt, left me none frame. Moreover, the ground did not need me more than six-seven months in a year. So, I had the possibility to be occupied with my brushes, canvases, colours, drawing.Painting is evolved to me in absolute ritual. A difficult affair, but a supreme happiness, to take a white stuff or a paper in order to give it life. In the absolute nothing I want to narrate a story, to describe a fact, to mold the form of a man.

Although I have been taught Economics at the University, piano at the Conservatory, the cultivation of ground with my father, however I have never been taught painting. I have tried to discover all myself, drawing, perspective, symmetry, colors, anatomy of human body. And perhaps it looks hard to explain, but "this" has resulted entirely simply and effortlessly. Certainly, it is meant, that I have been "taught" through the works of many and very important creators, Greek and foreigners. I had been watching their technique and was trying to learn their secrets. How (to present) the colors, how harmony, how the light, how the shade. And these teachers were many: Gyzis, Volonakis, David, Ingres, Rembrandt, El Greco, and Vermeer.

My topics were ever purely anthropocentric. Themes from the Bible, Greek History and Mythology, portraits, nude. But always the human figure in the centre. Perhaps the most difficult kind in art, but this is which fascinates me, that I can render the feelings and psyche of people in a portrait, in a glance. I feel that up to now I have managed least things in relation with those that I have in mind. My targets for the future are the Divine Comedy of Dante, stories from the Bible, Greek History, Alexander the Great, the struggles of Macedonians, the Holy Mount, and Byzantium.